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Tagging Content in Delicious

What is Delicious?
Delicious, (which used to be known as del.icio.us) is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. What this means is that delicious users can tag any website they find interesting, and share these tags with the rest of the world. It’s a great way to share websites with friends, without having to send them links, and it’s also an excellent way of creating some kind of order in the grand chaos of the internet. Because delicious is online, it also means you can access your bookmarks from any computer.
Let’s say, for example, that you come across a website that has free knitting patterns that you like.  You can tag the site with the terms: “knitting” “patterns” and “free”. Once you’ve created those tags, you can then visit delicious.com and look for similar tags, and find more sites which have the kind of content you find interesting.
Another way of using delicious is as a search engine. You can visit delicious.com and type in what you’re looking for. Say you want to find out about museums in Cape Town. All you need to do is type in the tags “Cape Town” and “Museums” and if any museum websites have been tagged by delicious users, you will find them.

This is what the front page of Delicious looks like:


Using Delicious
Most people are used to bookmarking something on their computer, using a function that’s built into to the browser that they use, like Firefox, or Explorer. Using delicious is a little bit different, but it’s very simple:

The Secret To Killer Tagging
When you click on the “tag” button to tag a website, you’ll see three fields in the delicious popup box. The first is Title. It’s a good idea to give quite a descriptive title in this field, so that people can see what the website is about at a glance. If you choose not to fill this field in, delicious will automatically use the title of the page, which can be a bit ambiguous at times.
The next field is the one for Notes. In this space, you can write a short note describing the site, you can say why you think it’s useful, you can tell a bad knock-knock joke – it’s entirely up to you.
The last field is the one for Tags. These are the words you will use to describe the site. If the page has been tagged in the past, by other users, it will suggest some tags to you, but you can use any ones you want. Remember, these tags are the terms that people will use to search, so do your best to make them appropriate.
This is what the popup box will look like, with the fields left blank:


It’s that easy.



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Book Review – 3

2. Claire - March 6, 2014

You could place masking cassette and label what exactly is in any
single part. Just another method of keeping
things formed.

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