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How to find stuff that’s openly licensed that you are free to remix and build upon.

Finding items across many media:

1. Delicious

Check delicious for items tagged as ‘OpenJozi‘ or ‘OpenSA!‘ Items in these categories are either in the public domain or are CC-licensed – but make sure you check the conditions on the specific page to make sure. You can see the latest items tagged in delicious in a feed in the sidebar. If you’d like to help us tag items in delicious, click here to find out how.

2. Creative Commons Search

A number of free content repositories work with Creative Commons to make it easy for people to find openly-licensed work for you to build on and share. If you’re looking only for Creative Commons licensed work across many media, go to http://search.creativecommons.org/ and type in your keywords to find open materials. Don’t forget to check the licensing conditions associated with the work that might require that you only use the work for non-commercial purposes, or that you ‘share-alike’ i.e. release your remixed version under the same license as the original item.

3. Flickr for photographs and short video

We recommend Flickr for open-licensed photographs. Flickr allows you to tag your creations as free to share under Creative Commons licenses, and has started a project called ‘Flickr Commons‘ that works with museums and archives (mostly in the United States) to digitise pictures with “no known copyright exceptions” (these items are sometimes in the public domain, and sometimes in public domain with a few exceptions – remember to check the fine print!). We like Flickr because it allows you to upload high-res images – critical when you’re re-using images for print or large format – and has a Creative Commons licensed search function that enables you to find images in the ‘CC pool‘ that you are free to remix and share.

This is one of the greatest tools for people doing presentations, building websites or creating invitations etc because you can find some really beautiful images. Don’t forget to attribute and link back to the source if you’re re-using the pics!

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