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iHeritage is a weblog that investigates access, digitisation and copyright issues relating to South African heritage, memory and culture.

OpenSA! is a project of iHeritage with the goal of making South African heritage more accessible for remixing and re-publishing by online creators. In collaboration with SA Rocks and the African Commons Project, OpenSA! is collecting, tagging and managing donations from people who are willing to make their material freely available online.  OpenSA! will also be helping to coordinate outreach to South Africa’s young creators to enable them to learn more about how to find open content that they are free to remix and share.

The team

iHeritage is an initiative of the African Commons Project, a non-profit organisation based in Johannesburg with the goal of ’empowering communities to use the internet and new technology for local innovation, creativity and for building long-lasting wisdom’ in partnership with the Alexandria Archive Institute.

This initiative is funded in-part by the Ford Foundation and forms part of the Local Contexts Global Commons project.

iHeritage was founded by Heather Ford and is coordinated by Rebecca Kahn and Daniela Faris from the African Commons Project.


1. The African Commons Project » First iHeritage seminar on Digitisation and Access - February 13, 2009

[…] Heather explained more about what the iHeritage project plans to undertake over the next few months, including research, training, seminars and software testing. For more information on this project take a look at the presentation slides on the updated ‘about’ page. […]

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